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Dear Dr. Dinis,
I would like to thank you because I now feel a much happier man. Before operating on me I was worried about pain, but I did not suffer any pain at all during the entire surgery.

I was also fearful whether the transplanted hair would grow or not and, just as Dr. Dinis told me, my hair grew normally and is becoming stronger day by day.

I was bald and thanks to you I am no longer a bald man.

At work and within the family, everyone says I look a lot younger, I am vey happy and am very grateful to you. Thank you very much .

Sam Sukuvai

Bangkok, 21/08/2011



For Dr Cruz Dinis and his team Hello I am Bruce Van Hager, i made hair transplant in September 2011.

This was my second cirgury, i made the first in England in 2003, the result was very poor and you and your team made in one cirgury more that i was expecting, i have now more hair than when i was 30 and now with 60 is back again my very thanks to you and all that wonderfull team that took care of me and help you did a great job.

Thank you

Bruce Van Hager, Berlim



Dear Dr. Dinis This email has just one propose, THANK YOU.

My name Is Herald McGregor, i am the Irish red head that made the transplant with you last January.

I had the best vacations in years, 15 days with the family in Algarve and in the end had my first hair transplant. The way i was treated in your clinic was great, and the result... WONDERFULL...

Once again Dr Cruz Dinis thank you very much and next year count me in for my second round.



I am 38-year-old Clarisse Montoya, from Sydney, Australia, and I started losing a lot of hair when I was 30 and developed very thin hair. I did several medical treatments that did not work, I felt terrible and my self-esteem was very low.

After some research on the internet, I decided to make an appointment at the Hair Transplant Centre in Bangkok. I was seen by Dr. Cruz Dinis who, after inspecting me, said that only a hair transplant could help me be the way I wanted.    
At first I was apprehensive but after Dr. Dinis had explained the cause of hair loss, the type of surgery he could do and the results, I became much more confident.
I had the surgery by Dr. Dinis 8 months ago and I am very satisfied because a lot of hair has already grown, mainly in the area where I already had none.
I was lucky to make the appointment with Dr. Dinis.  Now I feel much better, my self-esteem is high and I feel that I am a pretty woman.
I would like to thank Dr. Cruz Dinis and all his team for all they did for me.

I am not attaching photographs for privacy reasons.


Sidney, 30/08/2011

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