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Before the operation, patients must take some cautionary measures and, during the pre-operative consultation, provide Dr. Cruz Dinis with all the important information for the operation:


1. Medication - They must inform the doctor if they are taking any medicines and which. If they take aspirin or similar medicines they must stop taking it 2 weeks before the operation. If Vitamin E is taken they must stop taking it 2 weeks before.


2. Alcoholic Drinks: These should not be taken during at least 48 hours prior to the operation.


3. Tobacco: Patients must not smoke at least 24 hours before the operation.


4. They should not have their hair cut before the operation.


5. On the night before the operation they should try and relax and if required take a tranquillizer as it is important to sleep well.


6. On the day of the operation patients should take a bath/shower as usual but not bother to wash their hair since this will be done with an antiseptic shampoo prior to surgery.

They should be dressed with comfortable clothing, preferably including a buttoned shirt and not jerseys that must be pulled over their heads.
A light breakfast is essential, but avoiding tea and coffee.

A cap or loose-fitting hat should be brought to protect the hair from the sun's rays, pollution as well as the gazes of other people.


7. They should not be late and be at the Clinic at the scheduled time.

Pre-Surgery Diagnostic

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