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This section provides general, basic information on hair transplant and how to contact us.


1. Follicular Unit - consists of a hair root that produces between 1 and 4 hair units.


2. Strip Harvesting - involves removing a strip of hair made up of multiple Follicular Units from the back of a head - the donor area of the head - which will result in a small scar that is easily disguised with hair.


3. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) - consists of removing individualised follicular units from the donor area, without leaving any scars or cutting marks, and inserting them into a recipient area.


4. The entire surgery is carried out painlessly, in an appropriate place, and the transplanted hair grows in a natural way, without falling out.


5.Patients are required to return to the Hair Transplant Centre and see Dr. Cruz Dinis for at least three consecutive days:

5.1 1st day - a consultation lasting at least an hour, with laboratorial evaluation.

5.2 2nd day - Surgery lasting 5 to 10 hours.

5.3 3rd day - Hair washing and post-surgery information.


6. Removal of stitches:

6.1 With the Strip Harvesting technique, the stitches must be removed on the 10th day.

6.2 There are no stitches to be removed with the FUE technique.


7. After the 3rd day of surgery, patients are able to return to their normal activities, except for some tasks that Dr. Cruz Dinis will explain.


8. All insertions of follicular units are performed by Dr. Cruz Dinis, through new generation implanters, allowing high capillary density and a success rate close to 100%, either for FUE or FUT techniques.


9. Pricelist is available here.


11. In case you're from out of Portugal and, having in mind you are only required to spend 3 days with Dr. Cruz Dinis to complete the procedure, why not extending your stay and discover this beautiful country by the sea?


12. Should you require help in arranging accommodation and transportation, we will be pleased to support you in all possible ways. Contact us

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